A time for action

We are at a critical moment in this nation’s history.  With Trump elected, a Republican Congress ready to give him bills to sign into law, a renewed conservative Supreme Court, and a white nationalist as Trump’s top advisor, I am profoundly concerned for the future of the country, and the world.

I have followed national politics closely for many years without engaging in much political action other than voting, but Trump’s election made me feel all of a sudden like I wanted to be some kind of activist.  When my kids are old enough to ask what I did to stop the horror that was Donald Trump, I want to say I did something.

Then it occurred to me: the most likely check on Trump’s power would come from the Senate, where one or two Senators often can make the difference whether a bill becomes law.  And the Senator with the best chance of being persuaded to switch sides would be…Susan Collins.  Of Maine.  MY SENATOR.

Then I did a little research and realized that I, as a constituent of Senator Collins, actually can have some tiny influence over her, especially if I communicate in the right way, and get a few hundred of my fellow Mainers to join me.

I called three different offices of Sen. Collins and expressed my concerns, and each time I was given an opportunity to speak my mind, treated with respect, and assured that my comments would be forwarded to the Senator.  The Senator really does care about hearing what her constituents think!

So if you are a fellow Mainer and are horrified by the thought of what Trump might do as president, please pick up the phone, give one of Sen. Collins’ offices a call, and urge her to caucus with the Democrats to help stop the Trump agenda.

See the links above for details on how to participate, and some of the thinking behind the campaign.  The important thing is that you call and let her office know what you think.  If each of us can get a couple other Mainers to do the same, we can definitely get Sen. Collins’ attention, and maybe even change the course of the country’s future.

It’s time to pick up the damn phone.


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