Week one recap

Thanks to everyone who already placed calls in our first two days!  The site’s received over 300 hits, and we received our first media mention in the State & Capitol blog at Bangor Daily News!

It’s clear that many people have made calls but haven’t logged them yet, however.  If that’s you, PLEASE log your call here.  It will take less than a minute, but will allow us to report out our results in any conversations with the media, potential participants, or even Sen. Collins herself.

The focus of this campaign is live calls, so we’ll have to wait until 8am Monday to start calling again.  If you called last week and would like to call again next week, please feel free to do so.  Just be sure to log each of your calls separately.

Finally, Sen. Collins issued a statement Friday saying she supports Trump appointing staunch voting rights opponent Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, seemingly based solely on her personal familiarity with him.  She seems to be telling herself that we’re still operating within the realm of the usual political norms, when Trump and his people seem to be tossing out new political norms on a daily basis.  

As the only true moderate Republican left in the Senate, her endorsement of Sessions carries serious weight with the media to legitimize the nomination, as you can see in this article.  This is precisely why our efforts to sway her are so important.  Feel free to bring up the Sessions endorsement in your next chat with one of Collins’ staffers… šŸ™‚

P.S.  I’ll be making periodic updates on this blog, but will be tweeting more frequent updates from @pj_maine under the #callingoncollins hashtag.  Please follow me!

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