Mainers: Join the Campaign!

1) During business hours, get a real person at one of Sen. Collins’ offices on the phone and urge the Senator to stand up to Trump (see What’s the Ask? for details):

Augusta: (207) 622-8414
Bangor: (207) 945-0417
Biddeford: (207) 283-1101
Caribou: (207) 493-7873
Lewiston: (207) 784-6969
Portland: (207) 780-3575
Washington: (202) 224-2523 +0, to “speak to a staffer”

Collins has been inundated with calls lately, so you’ll probably have to try a few offices before a real person picks up.  Don’t worry: it is a core responsibility of the staffer answering the phone to log ALL constituent calls, no matter which office they call.  Just be sure to tell them your name, town, and zip so they know you’re not from out of state!  See What Do I Do? for more specifics.

2) Log your call here.

3) Get at least two other Mainers to do the same.

Please feel free to call again every day!   Unfortunately there are most likely many more non-Mainers than Mainers calling her right now due to all the national attention she’s getting, but Collins only wants to hear from Mainers, so we Mainers need to do everything we can to get through to a real person and make sure our voices get through!

4) Follow this blog, join the Mainers Calling on Collins Facebook group, or follow @pj_maine on Twitter for action item updates!