THANK YOU for DeVos! How about Pruitt?

WE DID IT!  Today Collins unexpectedly announced that she would join the Democratic caucus in opposing Betsy DeVos when she comes up for a final vote in the Senate.  This is especially notable in that the announcement leaves time to influence other Senators before the vote, meaning Collins is sticking her neck out even though she may end up being the one personally blamed for sinking the nomination, vs. just quietly voting no while knowing the nomination would pass without her.  Collins’ announcement has already moved one other R Senator to vote no (Lisa Murkowski, her fellow moderate Republican also on the HELP committee), so now it will only take one more Republican Senator voting no to stop DeVos’ confirmation.

THANK YOU to all of you who called Collins about DeVos; your call, along with thousands of others from across the state, helped shake Collins from her vote-with-party default mode, and made her realize that Mainers actually care whether someone like DeVos is the top education official in the country.  Collins is already being attacked by Trumpists for her move, so it’s very important that we let her know that, now that she’s done the right thing, her constituents have her back.  Therefore, I’m revising the action item to be thanking Collins for her vote against DeVos, and (politely & respectfully) giving her the courage to do the same on Pruitt.

Thanks for all you do,


P.S. DeVos will still be confirmed unless one more R votes no.  We Mainers have done our part, but if anyone has friends or relatives in Nevada (Heller), Arizona (Flake & McCain), South Carolina (Graham), or Nebraska (Sasse), please ask them to call their Senators to join the bipartisan rejection of DeVos.

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