Who’s Running This?

Hi there!

My name’s Paul Jessen, and I live in an old farmhouse in Cape Elizabeth with my wife, two kids, a cat, and 5 chickens. Though we’ve only lived in Maine for the past 5 years, it’s the only place we’ve truly felt at home.

Thanks so much for your interest in this campaign.  Though I’ve followed politics very closely for many years, this is my first real effort at political activism, inspired by the terrifying prospect of a Trump administration with Republican control of all branches of government.  I hope this campaign will be an easy way for non-activists like myself to have real political impact.  I’ll be tweeting updates from @pj_maine with the hashtag #callingoncollins.

I also have a pretty demanding day job in Marketing and two small kids at home, so if this thing takes off, please be patient with my ability to keep up. 🙂